Website Design Agreement

Please keep originals of all sent materials for your own records.
Submit form with completed Client Worksheet.

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Business Name: ______________________________________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________________________
City: _______________________________________________State: ______ Zip: ________
Telephone: (___) __________________________Fax: (___)__________________________
Contact Person: ______________________________________ Title: __________________
E-mail Address: _____________________________________________________________
Do you have a website? yes___ no ___
Website address: ____________________________________________________________
Do you have a domain name? yes ___ no ___
Domain name: ______________________________________________________________

The above-named client is engaging CastleSiteDesign.com as an independent contractor for developing and/or redesigning a website. The following agreement states the terms and conditions.
Package selected is: Savvy Site ____ Basic Site ____ Redesign ____ Extras ____

Notes and additional requests : _______________________________________________________________
Total amount of this agreement is:_________________

The client will supply contents for each of the pages through the Client Worksheet. Website Design Agreement and the Client Worksheet both signed with initial 50% deposit constitute authorization to begin design project once received by CastleSiteDesign. Balance of fee will be paid in full on website completion. Minor changes (not to exceed total 45 minutes of regular billing time) during the first ten days are included in package price.

Client unconditionally guarantees that the client owns all elements of submitted text, graphics, photos, and trademarks or client has permission to use the elements. CastleSiteDesign will be held harmless from any claim or suit from the use of such elements furnished by the client. If client does not own graphics then a release must come from third party.

CastleSiteDesign retains full ownership of Site until the total amount of agreement is received. With agreement paid in full, retaining copyright and intellectual property rights, CastleSiteDesign will upload Clients' Website to appear on the World Wide Web.

Additional items not specified in this agreement must be authorized via e-mail or a written addendum. All items specified in this agreement and client worksheet will be honored for 45 days after which a new agreement will be required.

Payments of fees are on the Pay Center for credit cards and Pay Pal.

Checks can be accepted and made payable to:
Castle Ent., 13351 Riverside Dr., #D 236  Sherman Oaks, Calif., 91423.

Signature of Client:_____________________________________________________

Castle Site Design_____________________________________________________


E-mail to:email

Castle Ent.
13351 Riverside Dr. #D236
Sherman Oaks, Calif. 91423
(818) 439-2465

Sign and submit this form together
with the Design Agreement
and initial 50% deposit.
Contact us to see how we can be of assistance for you.
No obligation and no fee for initial consultation.
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