Frequently Asked Questions


How long will my website take to complete?
After we receive all of the necessary information about your business and your initial 50% deposit together with the design agreement and the client worksheet or your website you will be contacted for an estimated time for initial viewing. The length of time to complete your website depends on how quickly you are able to provide information i.e. graphics, logo, content.(top of page)

Will you host my website?
No, we are not a hosting company. If you would like information to help answer questions we will glad to discuss options to choose from. (top of page)

Can I include a picture or a logo?
Yes, you may include either or both. It is wise to keep from over burdening your site with to many graphics. Send us what you would like to include and do not worry about it being too many. It is better to submit more graphics for our staff to choose from than not enough.(top of page)

How do I get my information to you?
We prefer that you use email but you may mail your information if you prefer. The client worksheet and the design agreementmay be mailed via the postal service with your initial deposit. Keep copies of all materials and graphics you submit. (top of page)

How do I make changes to my site?
Simply email or call and will be glad to assist you. When the changes have taken effect on your site you will be notified.(top of page)

What is the cost to make changes?
Changes on initial presentation of your completed website are free as well as no charge for the first 10 days after your site is online. This does not include full redesign of the site only basic minor changes. After the initial period changes are dependent on the amount and type of modifications. (top of page)

What about search engine listings?
We do search engine submission on receipt of balance and launch to Internet. The best way to gain exposure to your site is to include it within your regular marketing.(top of page)

How is payment made?
Initial payment of 50% is submitted online with credit card or paypal or with check together with the design agreement and client worksheet. The balance is due and payable on completion of website. Site will not be uploaded to the Internet until full payment is received. (top of page)

Submit fees thru our Pay Center.
You may also mail your payment.

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